Are the Focused Learning tests questions current?
Yes! Focused Learning tests are current. This fact is vital because more questions are on Cost Approach and USPAP ethics specific.
I live in a particular state. Will the Focused Learning test questions help me pass my state licensing or state certification exam for my state?
No matter what state you live in, Focused Learning test questions will help you prep to pass your exam. For appraisal licensing or certification, all states must abide by certain testing criteria based on a national standard. The Appraisal Qualifications Board (AQB) of the Appraisal Foundation (a nationwide organization with authority granted by Congress) establishes this criterion. The AQB has set up 14 topics and many sub-topics that the appraiser must be tested on (topics differ between certification and licensing). The Focused Learning test questions are designed to help prepare you on these very same topics.
I am preparing to sit for my state licensing exam, will these test questions prepare me for this specific license level?
Focused Learning tests are for all levels of licensing. Focused Learning enables our users to focus their efforts on the specific topics that actually appear on the exams.
How do I know that I will pass my exam using Focused Learning test questions?
Our test questions are current. This has been verified by past and recent test takers.
There is no magic pill, therefore, based on your current level of knowledge, some serious study may be required. Make use of truly helpful tools that are designed to raise your level of preparedness so you can pass these exams the first time, with confidence.
What forms of payment do you take?
Focused Learning processes payments via PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account. As a PayPal guest, you can pay with any major credit card.
Can I use my debit card.
PayPal will accept debit cards payments for cards with the MasterCard or VISA logo.
How do I get an appraisal license?
Go to your state government web site for specific requirements.
What is the appraisal test like?
The test is a multiple choice examination. Generally, the test is administered on a computer, where the questions are answered by touching the appropriate spot on the screen. The passing score can vary, depending upon the degree of difficulty of the particular questions. The test is graded immediately upon completion of the test.
Each test will have 10 additional questions included, which are not graded and are used to develop statistics about those questions. You will not be told which questions are not included in the actual examination.
How long does it take to schedule a state test?
It depends upon which test the person is taking and available test sites. Once the person has been approved to take the test, the person is given a list of available locations and will probably be able to obtain an appointment to take the test within one or two weeks.
When will I find out if I passed my state test?
Since the appraisal exams are given on a computer, you will find out immediately after you complete the test.
What does an appraisal license cost?
Fees vary from one level to another.
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