Appraiser Career Opportunities

Focused Learning understands the journey to become an appraiser is filled with peaks and valleys. We are dedicated to the profession. Our goal is to provide tools to support a satisfying career. The job market along with employment opportunities for appraisers is changing due to new requirements effective January 1, 2015. The job market is expanding into new opportunities beyond independent mom and pop fee shops.

The impact on the industry by AMCs and paid AVM data sources by lenders is constantly evolving. The credibility of expanding use of free online MLS data sources support by satellite photo street scenes is the impact of technology evermore. Finally, the understanding of the financial markets is critical to survival to the modern appraiser.

Focused Learning is committed to support the modern appraiser. The links below are provided to expand the career opportunities of the modern appraiser beyond a mom and pop fee shop. Utilize the links below to expand beyond the traditional career model.

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