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Color me happy and call me certified! Passed my certified appraiser test yesterday morning on my first try (!!!) and can wholeheartedly say I know I could not have done it without your help. I tried using books for studying and they left me dull & dazed. Thank you!!!

Marsha S, Oregon

To Focusedlearning:

Just wanted to thank you for the test questions for the Certified Residential Appraiser Exam. I tried the others and failed the first time as they did not provide adequate material for the 2008 exam. After I used your tests questions, I breezed through the exam with an hour to spare!

Your test questions helped me focus on whats important on an otherwise tedious subjects and the information was clear, concise, and up-to-date for passing the 2008 exam.

Jeff F, Northern California/Bay Area

I passed the test first time around and I am now the happy title of "certified residential real estate appraiser" and I give a lot of the credit to your questions, I think I am due some credit myself. Thanks... and I hope you use this for a letter of referral on what a great service you supply. I have no advocacy or affiliation with your company other than being a consumer of a product that delivers. Thanks again!

Patty S, Syracuse, NY

I would not have passed the appraisal test without your web site.

James M, Emmaus, PA

Thank you. Just wanted you to know that I passed my Certified Residential test this morning. That was the hardest test I have ever taken. There is no question in my mind, that without Focused Learning I would of flopped big time. Your website and learning method is awesome. Thank you again for helping me pass my exam.

Bryan K, Maryland

I originally had doubts about the quality and support of an online/internet Appraisal preparatory ......well my doubts and fears were quickly extinguished. If there only one company out there whose gotten it RIGHT out of the thousands that advertise on the net....TRUST ME THIS IS IT ! DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY LOOKIN' ANYWHERE ELSE.

Zee S, Charlotte, NC

Today I took my Certified Residential Appraisal Test for the second time. The first time I flunked and felt stupid. I had relied on classroom instruction, which I had long since forgotten and another "learning site" that obviously let me down. This second time, I purchased all 4 tests. I took a chance. I spent about 2 or 3 hours a day for the last six days and then went to take my test. I passed this time with room to spare. Its wonderful that there is somewhere people can go to receive truly helpful information instead of just someone trying to make a buck. In closing, I usually don't trust these testimonials, but I assure you mine is for real.

S, Lamb Gardnerville, Nevada

Just wanted to let you know I took my Certified Residential Appraiser test on February 7th and passed. The people at the test center said that normally people take the test multiple times before passing and were impressed that I passed on my first attempt. Thank you for all the study help.

Linda A, Port Angeles, WA

I just want to tell you that I just came back from and exam prep class and was thoroughly discouraged about passing the exam. I found your site and have received what I needed. So Thank you.


JUST TO LET YOU KNOW I TOOK THE TEST ON SATURDAY AND I PASSED. THE EXAM PROCTOR SAID "OOH YOU DIDN'T MIST VERY MANY" WOOOOO HOOOOO! Your site helped me tremendously. I thought I knew the basic concepts but you helped put in practical term. Seriously. I attended a two day exam prep class an came home scratching my head more confused than before! I don't think I would have passed if I had not looked at you site. Thank you so much. Kindest regards,

Carolyn S, Fresno, CA

Your website helped me to pass my USPAP exam. A great study helper. Thank you

Mary M, South Portland, ME

This website was a very good investment for me. I passed the New Jersey state residential licensing exam on the first try. I'm now going to focus on the certified general exam. I feel like I have an "ace up my sleeve" Thank you.

Cardwell T, Westfield, NJ

I really like your your site. Great questions. I can't say anything but it's great.

Chad P, Granada Hills, CA

I would not have made it but for you, with two of my exams. The cost was reasonable. EXCELLENT EXCELLENT EXCELLENT IN ALL ASPECTS.

Judy H, Lecanto, FL

I just passed my Ohio State Appraisal Certification Test. Will a little help from you guys... You have a great product. It was just the refresher that I needed.

Greg T, Mason, OH

I love your site. your questions are the most similar in language to the actual test. Thanks for the site.

Pam P, Provincetown, MA

Dear FocusedLearning,

In Indiana, future appraisers must past five exams before taking the state boards. To date, I have past four exams and your website has been very instrumental to my success. I spend 30 minutes everyday reviewing questions. Thank you for creating this website! It is a must for all students of the trade!

Eric, Indiana

Your product was perfect. It was instrumental in my preparation for passing the state exam.

Alistair L, Waikoloa, HI

I can't tell you how much help your program was to me in passing my certified residential appraisers test. Your questions were right on the money and gave me the background that I needed to pass first time. The test took me 2 1/2 hrs. With the time left I work on the harder questions as many ways as I could just to make sure it was right. It's very close to what I was on the test. Thanks.

Stanley C, Glenview, IL

I passed my test a few months ago and obtained my Trainee License with the help of your website.

Stephanie A, Oklahoma City, OK

Focused Learning definitely helped me pass my test. The test questions is as close to the real test as you can possibly get."

Jeff S, South San Francisco, CA

Yes the site was very helpful for the appraisal tests. I don't think I could have remembered all the info that was taught in class without this site! Thanks!

Terry M, Sayville, NY

I felt that the USPAP test questions was well set up for preparing for the USPAP test. The questions were representative of the questions on the actual test. The number of questions as well as the way they were organized in sequence, Whether they have helped me to pass or not, I don't know yet, because I have not yet been informed of my test results.

Harry B, Huntington, NY

I think your web page is superb! I passed me exam on the first attempt. I will continue using your site as an additional source and study guide for future exams.

R.W, West Covina, CA

I took 2 practice exams each day, After a week of this, I passed the exam first time. Thank you so much. I was so impressed, I recommended it to my appraisal classmates! Now I am studying for the state trainee exam.

Deborah P, NC

I used your test questions to study for both the residential appraiser exam and I feel that your test questions are the best guide I have ever used,I would recommend it to anyone.


Definitely helped. Some of it was the questions and some of it was getting myself used to sitting in front of a computer taking a test rather than written. Thanks.

Sandy E, Edgewater, MD

I used the test questions to prepare for the state appraiser licensing exam. It was much easier and more effective than pouring through mountains of textbooks and class notes. When I took the exam, I was already familiar with the format and material and had no problem passing and getting my license. It was money well spent and I would recommend it to anyone preparing to take the state exams.

Rhonda R, Houston, TX

The tests for the state certified residential appraiser really helped me to pass my exam. The information and the tests are up to date with the state test questions. I don't think I would have passed if it were not for your website!!

Lesli G, West Palm Beach, FL

I found Focused Learning to be very helpful in preparing for my original state license test. I would recommend it to anyone who will be taking any of the covered test.

Terry F, Jonesboro, AR

I studied an hour every night before I took the exam to be a Certified General Appraiser. The information was extremely helpful. I do not think I would have passed the test without the benefit of this service. I would recommend this service to any one taking any type of appraisal test.

Jim M, Stillwater, OK

I found your test questions to be an excellent means of studying for my Certified Residential Appraiser examination and thank your company for helping me successfully pass the test on my first attempt. I have referred your product to other Appraisers. Thanks again.

Frank C, Algonquin, IL

I have been studying the test questions for 5 months, I studied for the Missouri State Certified Residential Exam, passed it with flying colors. This is one the best tools to study for any of the following; State Trainee Exam, State Licensing Exam, State Certified Residential Exam, State Certified General Exam, 2004 USPAP Exam.

Scott D, Missouri Appraiser

I took the USPAP test twice and failed. I found Focused Learning on the web. After using test questions, I was able to take the actual test the third time and pass. There was no doubt I passed because I had studied the test questions forward and backward and was able to answer almost every answer with confidence. Thanks for such a good learning tool.

Richard M, Astoria, IL

Hi, I used your web site and passed my State Certified Residential exam!!!!!!!! I learned a lot from you site. Well, at least enough to become a State Certified Residential Appraiser!!! I highly recommend your site. It worked for me.

Thomas G, Washington State Appraiser

I can actually say that your test questions help me past both the Florida State Exam on the first try. Not to mislead anyone, this material could be used as a reinforcement for text material. It is a great value, and I would definitely recommend your prep to anyone."

Rod S, Miami, FL

Focused Learning is the perfect resource to bring all the aspects of the appraisal process together. It had been 2 full years since I had taken the required classes for Residential Certification. I purchased tests to help prepare for my Certified Residential Exam. My routine was to study each test in concession until I "Mastered" each, before moving on to the next. At the Exam sight, after the first 5 questions, A big smile came over my face. I knew I would pass! 99% of the questions were exact, if not exactly what I had been studying. Thanks to Focused Learning, I passed the exam on my first try. I know two other trainee appraisers that took the test 4 and 6 times before passing using other learning guides.

William G, Arizona Certified Residential Appraiser

I am now an appraiser trainee in charlotte, nc. Your website helped me pass the trainee exam. Thanks

Craig H, Charlotte, NC

I would like to say that I used your practice tests for about a month. They were a major instrument in helping me prepare and PASS my exam on the first try. I took the Licensed Appraiser exam on 4/3/04, and I would like to thank you all for designing this site.

Tyrone J, Waldorf, MD

Focused Learing was very instrumental in assisting me pass the Massachusetts State Certified Real Estate Appraiser exam the very first time.

Jerry M, Peabody, MA

the tests are very helpful , especially while I'm still in school taking Appraisal classes. The questions are an excellent study guide and easy to follow along with, I would truly recommend this program to any Appraisal Trainee, and any others interested in the Appraisal Process. I haven't taken my test yet but but i feel Appraisal smarter already :-)

Linda B, N. Highlands, CA

I had an appraisers license for 8 years. Unfortunately I let it expire past the point where I could pay a fee and renew. I had to start all over. Your website gave me the information I needed to pass the exam on the first try! Well worth the money. Lots of great information for every level of appraiser. On the way to my "new" appraising career (again)!

Thanks for the opportunity to get at important information in an easy to understand format and tests!

Sharon D, Coarsegold, CA

I used your practice test to pass the state test. Without it I don't think I could have passed the test. As a matter of fact I did not pass the first time I took the examination. The practice test was a life saver. I don't think any changes are necessary.

Tommy W, Courtland, MS

I love this site and I recommended it to everyone in my appraisal classes. I think it is a great tool to make studying fun.

Roseanne R, Smithfield, RI

With the help of Focused Learning, I passed my Associate Real Estate Appraisers Test on the first try. All of the questions on test were on the test. Focused Learning is a site that I found to be very valuable in my test preparation and I will continue to use it to keep myself sharp and further myself in this field.

Nick T, Chicago, IL

I found Focused Learning to be very helpful in preparing for my exam. It really helped me pinpoint the areas I needed to especially concentrate on. I am happy to say I passed the first time! I would definitely recommend this site!

Karen R, Nevada City, CA

Yesterday, I could not spell Appraiser... today, I is one. Really, the material did help considerably and saved valuable time in attaining the required knowledge to pass the test for appraisers.

Randall P, Hebron, IN

Just wanted you to know how pleased I am. It picks up where classes leave off. For me a big part of passing a test is becoming comfortable with the language and how questions are asked. The ability to study anytime, and the amount of questions is a plus. This is a tool any novice or appraiser can use to increase their knowledge. Thanks again,

Anita L, Walden, NY

I feel it was the best training tool that I used to help complete my prep work for the state appraisal exam. The test questions gave a good understanding of what to expect on the state exam. I completed and the state exam on the first try. Thanks

Patrick G, Colorado Springs, CO

I have been able to properly prepare for the state exam. As well as helping me prepare for the state tests it has made me a better appraiser by helping me to under stand more areas of appraising than school had covered. I have told many people about this site and have heard positive results from all of them. Yours Truly,

Andrew C, Islip, NY

I failed my test 2 times with standard classroom/notes study method. I used the test questions for two weeks before my test, about 1-2 hours a day. I passed easily. Thank You!

Joe I, San Diego, CA

It's a great way to study for such a hard exam here in California, Great Job!

Jeff T, Chula Vista, CA

I finally passed my state exam!!! I don't remember how I found this website, but it is the reason. I would recommend it to every limited appraiser who is looking for an easy way to pass the state exam. I said easy, but not fast. You still need to put your study hours in. It really works!!!

Karen S, Rochester Hills, MI

I recently passed my certified residential exam on the first go w/ a total of +/-10 hours exam preparation that would have taken me 50+ hours to cover using traditional study books/manuals. I highly recommend this website to all appraisers sitting for a state exam.

Frank S, Houston, TX.

Hi, I think the web site is extremely helpful in preparation for testing.

Jim J, Las Vegas, NV

...your web site was a tremendous help.

- Erika, H Greenfield, MO

I purchased tests a few weeks ago to prepare for my upcoming exam here in Florida and I'm really glad I did. The tests simulated exams that replicate the exam experience . All of this is designed to help you learn the material and PASS that exam in your state.To sum up, this outstanding website is, I feel,providing a great service to the appraiser community.

John B, Fort Myers, Florida

Hi, this is the best thing I did in preparing to passing my Appraisal exam. The thing I like the most is, straight to the point. You will always be the first place I search when trying to improve my knowledge.

Dean C, Corona, CA

Your site is excellent, the information and tests was exactly what i needed to pass the test. i would definitely recommend this site for anyone trying to pass their appraisal test.

Mary A, Thousand Oaks, CA

It took 3 months of waiting, 5 months of Studying to reach my new career goal. Thanks to the great preparation I received, I did it. I PASSSSED the California Trainee License, the very first time.

Ron B, Alhambra, CA

I was very pleased with the purchase. It was very helpful. Thank-You

Jamie S, Belvidere, IL

Yesterday I passed the RE General Appraiser Exam for Washington and I credit your site for allowing me to practice at my own pace and improve my Q&A ability.

Keep up the good work.

Mike R, Seattle, WA

The first time I took my state exam for my trainee license, I failed! I couldn't believe it I knew the material 100%. The school I went through (don't know if I should name them) did not prepare me for that exam, it was like reading a foreign language that I did not know! I searched out for help and found another school over the Internet that I ordered study material from, I liked it and I did feel like they covered more on some areas that my school did not, and after learning all their material, remembering that state exam, I still did not feel prepared. I searched out again for more help, and found your site. I set everything else aside and just started studying the test questions., and prayed that this was going to help me, I was worried. After studying the test questions over and over again, I took my exam, I passed with flying colors! Thanks, Sincerely Debbie, a new Appraiser!

Debbie G, Redding, CA

Focused Learning